Our Quality Management System is dedicated to development of processes, manufacturing and distribution of products to guarantee safety, efficacy and compliance of customer and government regulations. It comprises of resource management, employee training and total quality management.

The company is committed to Total Quality Management. Total Quality Management is aimed at complete customer satisfaction through an integrated system of tools, techniques, and training. It involves continual improvement of organizational processes resulting in high quality products and services. Dedicated AHU’S have been installed for the different core areas to control and attain required environmental conditions.

Company’s Quality Management System covers Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation, Health & Hygiene, Qualification/Validation of instruments/equipments, Complaint Handling, Product Recall, Self Inspection and Quality Audits, Personnel Training, Material Handling (raw material, packing material, in-process products, finished products, reagents, cultures and media, reference/working standards etc.) and Documentation.

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